ACCESS1 uniquely blends deep experience in healthcare, business and technology to create solutions that consistently exceed client requirements.

For nearly two decades, we’ve collaborated with healthcare clients to deliver custom software solutions that improve efficiency and profitability.

ACCESS1 has met the needs of some of the largest pharma companies, healthcare providers and plasma companies in the world, while also assisting smaller companies grow market share and improve operations. The company’s team is composed of senior, on-shore personnel who have built long-term, productive relationships with ACCESS1 clients.

Software solutions from ACCESS1 can be transformative for a company, delivering strategic – and often unexpected – insights as well as bottom line results. The company’s turnkey solutions consistently provide measurable ROI and results that exceed goals and expectations.

Approach – We Listen

When you purchase an off-the-shelf technology solution, it never quite meets the specific needs of your users and environment. A custom solution may actually be more affordable, delivering value in both the short- and long-term.

ACCESS1 begins each engagement by actively listening to clients to determine needs and preferences. This knowledge creates a framework for ACCESS1 developers, who collaborate closely with the client to ensure the final product meets user needs.

Execution – Fast, Smart, Customized

As a smaller company with onshore capabilities and deep-seated expertise, ACCESS1 is uniquely qualified to meet the technology requirements of today’s healthcare marketplace. Using well-proven processes and proprietary platforms, ACCESS1 can execute quickly and cost-effectively to deliver customized solutions.

ACCESS1 consistently meets and exceeds customer expectations with solutions based on leading-edge technology. This accounts for the many ongoing partnerships ACCESS1 maintains with global pharmaceutical and healthcare leaders.

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