When ACCESS1 Health CEO Neil Farrell founded the company in 1997, his goal was to develop creative, leading-edge systems for healthcare organizations, including managed markets, plasma processing, regulatory and compliance. ​Since that time, ACCESS1 has specialized in large, complex projects involving highly regulated business environments requiring full turn-key solutions. ACCESS1 produces solutions in a fraction of the time and cost of competitors, primarily due to its extensive library of customizable applications.

Neil also envisioned a corporate culture capitalizing on personal and professional integrity, commitment to the highest quality products and service, and the establishment of enduring client relationships. This corporate culture attracts the most creative, dedicated and exceptional talent to the organization and empowers associates to develop superior solutions for clients.

With years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, ACCESS1 counts among its clientele some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and plasma companies. The FDA, in a routine system audit, commented that the ACCESS1 system is “light years ahead of everything else.”

Today, ACCESS1 brings its unique brand of innovative and leading-edge solutions to the broader healthcare environment. ACCESS1 is committed to partnering with clients to successfully navigate the complexities of the ever-changing healthcare industry. Utilizing the organization’s expertise in information technology, numerous years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields, and talent for innovative solutions, ACCESS1 ensures that each custom system meets and exceeds performance specifications.

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