Global leaders in the plasma industry trust ACCESS1 Health for custom software solutions that streamline operations, improve workflow and support regulatory requirements.

ACCESS1 helps you accelerate with innovative, customized software created through close collaboration plus an in-depth understanding of plasma-specific challenges. ACCESS1 Health’s plasma-specific solutions include:

Comprehensive Logistics Management Software

ACCESS1 Health has developed a software platform specifically for plasma logistics management that can be quickly and affordably customized to meet specific company needs. Already in use by the largest plasma collection company in the world, the ACCESS1 solution draws upon extensive experience in healthcare, business, technology and compliance.

Algorithm-Based Decision Tracking System

In order to ensure regulatory compliance and streamline activities, plasma companies use ACCESS1 Health’s decision optimization software – an algorithm-based system that tracks information to allow optimized decision making. The platform can be easily and cost-effectively customized to meet specific corporate requirements and workflows.

Donor-Blood Product Management

ACCESS1 Health has created a comprehensive blood-donor management system that begins with donor registration and covers each aspect of the donation process through product distribution.  This platform, which can be easily and affordably customized to meet specific company needs, fully complies with FDA, HIPAA and EU requirements.

Regulatory Adherence Solutions

ACCESS1 Health helps plasma companies effectively manage their quality process to ensure regulatory requirements are fulfilled and maintained. The custom systems created by ACCESS1 are based upon industry best practices and deep knowledge of applicable regulations.

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