Our clients are some of the leading pharma and healthcare companies worldwide:


Our Clients Are Our Best Reference!

  • “I attribute ACCESS1’s success to: Having an outstanding understanding of the pharmaceutical marketplace. Taking the time to listen and learn from us (and vice-versa) before offering up potential solutions Flexibility Excellent project management and analytical skills Laying a strong, well-thought-out foundation for project success”

  • “ACCESS1 are outstanding professionals who excel at understanding and effectively utilizing data for managed markets to help pharma companies maximize business impact. Their work has been very supportive and innovative.”

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with ACCESS1 for many years in my managed care leadership roles at Astellas Pharma and the service and support provided was outstanding. ACCESS1 brought incredible value and insights to me and my team which led to increased sales. They helped us understand the managed care opportunities and minimize down side contracting.”

  • “I would recommend ACCESS1 without hesitation for any contract analytics, pull through, account tracking and incentive compensation projects needed by a pharmaceutical manufacturer.”

  • “In a routine audit, the FDA stated that the ACCESS1 system was — light years ahead of everything else!”

  • “ACCESS1 is a great group of people. They take the time to listen to our requirements and then design easy to use systems to support those requirements. They have the skill and knowledge to meet Regulatory requirements for both FDA and EU. This is essential in our highly regulated business. Their project design and management are well thought out and they meet the projected timing. I have worked with this company for many years and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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